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Bilingual English/Spanish therapy for

individuals, groups, couples, elderly

Psychological evaluations


Psychological services, in both English and Spanish, include:

  • individual psychotherapy
  • group psychotherapy
  • couples’ therapy
  • psychological evaluations
  • psycho-educational evaluations to determine:

              >  IQ

              >  learning disability

              >  giftedness

              >  emotional disturbances

Marcelo Alfano, Psy.D.

Dr. Marcelo Alfano is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been in private practice since 2003. Dr. Alfano received his Doctoral Degree in Psychology from Carlos Albizu University in 2000 after doing his undergraduate work at Florida State University. Dr. Alfano completed his post-graduate work requirements with the non-profit organization Bertha-Abess by working with children and adolescents who were in specialized programs for children suffering emotional problems in the public school system. Dr. Alfano would then move on to open his own practice and began providing psychological services to elderly patients in rehabilitation centers and nursing home settings. It is during this period that he grew to truly appreciate the special qualities and needs of this population.

Although Dr. Alfano renders services to persons of all ages, he continues to focus on serving the elderly, a population Dr. Alfano holds dear to his heart and feels is underserved and often neglected. Dr. Alfano’s theoretical approach to psychotherapy is the Cognitive-Behavioral paradigm. This approach aims to help the individual recognize how thought patterns affect emotional and behavioral responses so to help empower the individual to manipulate and change irrational, ineffectual, or maladaptive thought patterns that are causing harm and suffering. Through this process, the individual can adapt to situations effectively while supporting personal growth and fulfillment. Dr. Alfano is highly empathic and caring as well as objective and analytical. His services and techniques are always tailored to the unique situation and individual characteristics of the client being served in recognition that everybody is indeed unique and should be understood and treated as such.

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